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Saving on Home Heating Costs

It’s finally beginning to feel like winter in South Carolina! While some homeowners are eager to turn on the heater the second the wind chill is in effect, others dread the expected energy usage spikes that come with heating your home. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! You should be able to heat your home without breaking the bank this winter season.

Our heating experts are here to help you keep your home warm and cozy without letting money go out the window. Keep reading to learn more about energy-efficient and effective home heating practices!

Close the Windows and Doors

If your heating system is working hard to reach your desired temperature, don’t let that energy usage and hard work go to waste! Leaving doors and windows open is a surefire way to let the warm air escape. The smallest of drafts can throw off your home’s internal temperature, forcing your heater to start at square one. While you may be tempted to crack open a window for fresh air during the colder months, go for a quick walk around the neighborhood to get your fresh air fix instead!

Ensure Vents Aren’t Blocked

Furniture like couches or accent chairs could be blocking your home’s air vents or registers that are trying to disperse warm air throughout the house. In turn, your heating system is forced to work even harder to push the conditioned air outwards, resulting in excessive energy waste. You’ll want to make sure that the heated air you’ve been paying for is effectively delivered to every inch of your home.

Pro tip: Your vents could also be blocked by excessive dust and debris buildup on the air registers. Wipe your vents regularly with a microfiber cloth to ensure adequate airflow and improved indoor air quality.

Bundle Up

The best way to save money on heating costs? Conserving as much heat as possible! Many of us exchange our light and breezy bed linens for warm and cozy flannel sheets when winter rolls around. Don’t stop there! Pull out your most comfortable blankets from storage, add some cozy rugs, and insulate your windows with blackout curtains for maximum comfort and energy savings.

Minimize Use of Vent Fans

While our trusty bathroom and kitchen fans come in handy for removing moisture from the air, they also remove hot air. Winter air is already pretty dry, so there’s rarely a need to run your bathroom vent fans. Try to keep kitchen vent fan usage to a minimum, but you’ll still need to operate the fan while cooking with gas appliances. During the wintertime, minimizing the use of vent fans can help retain the warmth in your home and keep those upcoming heating bills as low as possible.

Change Furnace Filters

A dirty or clogged air filter is often the common culprit behind ineffective home heating and costly home heating bills. Similar to a blocked air vent, a clogged air filter can become an unnecessary obstruction for your home’s heating system. Try to inspect your air filters every 30 days and replace them every 60-90 days. You’ll be surprised how effective a simple filter swap can be when it comes to minimizing heating costs!

Quality Heating Services in Bluffton

Busy households need a reliable team to serve their heating needs! Freedom Air Heating and Air Conditioning’s team of experts is ready to solve all heater issues you may be experiencing, big or small. Start the new year off with an improved heating system and increased home comfort levels. For more information on our heating services, give us a call at (803) 573-4032 or fill out our online contact form.